Combine all GNOME applications in Snap Store under one publisher

I noticed that GNOME apps with Snap packaging (have “snap” folder in repository) are published in Snap Store by different names.

Some are published by Canonical, others are published by people. I want to unite all apps under one publisher “GNOME”.

I can help in developer account management.

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I’m sorry, will somebody answer me?

Are you talking about a completely separate store for them? I believe the snap store doesn’t discriminate. They have telegram packaged by 3 different people. You could have the group all published by Gnome, but the oddballs made by others would still be there I believe.

On a side note, I wouldn’t mind learning to snap things up and would be willing to help if it can be sorted out.

Notice the Canonical ones have the little verified check. Would be good to have the same if Gnome were to publish them directly.

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Are you talking about a completely separate store for them?

No. I am talking about publishing GNOME applications to Snap Store under official developer account.

I want answer by GNOME member.

I believe most GNOME developers are more interested in Flatpak and Flathub


There really isn’t an answer to the question.

How does the Snap Store verify attribution and provenance? How is the metadata prepared and provided for each application? Who does the releases and uploads them to the Snap store?

I mean: the Foundation could keep credentials or GPG signatures, but I haven’t see any GNOME application maintainer in that screenshot you provided. Some apps are provided by Canonical—I assume by turning a deb package into a snap one—while others are provided by Ken Vandine.

The GNOME ecosystem seems to have pretty much standardised on two things:

  • AppStream for application metadata—including project provenance and affiliation
  • Flatpak and FlatHub for application packaging and distribution

Core GNOME applications are automatically built and pushed to Flathub. Maintainers of core GNOME applications that wish to push their releases to the Snap store have to do so manually; if we wanted to have them appear under the same affiliation, we’d need to either share the account credentials, or we’d have to centralise the role of the person doing the upload.


Deja Dup is published in Snap Store by Michael Terry, a Deja Dup developer.

All projects published by Canonical (and Deja Dup) have Snap manifest in GitLab.

Unstable builds are automatically published to Snap Store in edge channel.

I can be this preson.

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You are being quite selective here. For example, most (if not all) core GNOME app maintainers are not there.

Same remark. Most core GNOME applications do not have a Snap manifest. Also, you have to consider that most of them also use Flatpak for their CI, so at least they know their Flatpak build isn’t broken.

This is canonical running a separate automated job, not something coming from the GNOME servers or being reviewed by their respective maintainers (see for example

I’m sorry, but we have no way AFAIK to trust you (or someone else for that matter) and that you will not or cannot abuse this position. If GNOME were to publish under the snap store, it should be done in a way that cannot be tampered with.

I’ve created snaps for quite a few of the GNOME applications. Some of these are published by Canonical, which are the ones we are officially providing support for. These snaps are built from the latest stable branch (like gnome-3-32) automatically and published to the candidate channel and master builds get published to the edge channel automatically.

I’d love to see an official GNOME publisher account and I’ve even be willing to help get the ball rolling there. Perhaps a good topic for GUADEC?

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