Cellrendertext and multiline questions

I am looking to use the multiline capabilities of cellrenderertext, however there are a few things I cant work out.

  1. Is it possible to be able to select text in a non-editable cell?
  2. More important is the behaviour of the cursor, for example, the following text renders properly, until is is clicked

All Entry boxes accept case insensitive regular expressions including
.? - matches any single character
.* matches anything
^ or $ anchors match at start or end of string respectively
To make expression case sensitive put (?c) at start of entry
Far more complex expressions can be used, basically anything that perl accepts within match

However if I click it all goes into one line with non-printing characters instead of carraige returns/newlines

Is there any way to achange this behaviour? This is with set_single_paragraph_mode(false)

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