Can't see the dash and Super key doesn't work

Hi, I’m new here and I’m not sure if this post belongs in this section. I’ve got some trouble with my distro. I’m using Manjaro since this year, I installed Conky and downloaded a theme to make my conky look better. It came with many files and a script to to run from the start. So I added it to /etc/profile.d/ and rebooted.
Everything worked fine but when I logged in, the system took me back to the log in menu. I tried many times, with the same result. A friend of mine told me to boot a live usb and use Manjaro chroot to find the script and remove it from /etc/profile.d/.
It worked, finally I can log in with my account, but this time I noticed that the top bar changed its color from black to grey, the date and time moved from the center to the right and now I can’t see the dash in the dock, I tried with Super+A but didn’t worked. It’s weird because it works with Super+tab, Super+E, Super+D. But I push Super and it doesn’t work, push Super+A with the same result. My friend told me to remove the file/directory from my window manager to start a new configuration on next reboot. He asked me what window manger do I use, I told him it’s mutter then he told me to search for help on the web because he doesn’t use mutter so he can’t help me with that.
How could I make it? If I do, will it fix it?
Hope anyone can help me.

You’ll probably have more chance asking in a Manjaro user forum instead. Also, all those problems seem to be related to GNOME shell extensions, so it could be any of your extension or theme that breaks things.

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You were right! I’ve been reading those extensions doesn’t work in GNOME 40 by now.

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