Can't modify the clipboard content

Hi all:

I’m trying to copy data into the clipboard using the Gtk4 API, but something odd happens. I attach my test code.

This code has a function that prints the current clipboard formats, and tries to read the data in any of the following formats: ‘x-special/gnome-copied-files’, ‘text/plain’, ‘text/plain;charset=utf-8’. It does work fine.

Also, I have two GLib.SimpleActions() exported through DBus. Each one received an array of strings, and when received, they try to paste them as a CUT/COPY operation for Nautilus.

The point is that after doing the operation, I call the function that prints the clipboard data and the operation seems to have been carried fine, but if I press the button to read the current clipboard content, it hasn’t changed. Nautilus doesn’t detect the change, neither.

I don’t know if I’m having a problem with closures, or what I am doing wrong, so any help will be appreciated.

The code:

#!/usr/bin/env gjs = '4.0';
const Gtk =;
const Gdk =;
const Gio =;
const GLib =;
const ByteArray = imports.byteArray;
const mainloop = imports.mainloop;

let clipboard = null;

// Use different AppIDs to allow to test it from a command line while the main desktop is also running from the extension
const clipboardManagerApp = new Gtk.Application({application_id: 'com.rastersoft.clipboardManagerApp', flags: Gio.ApplicationFlags.FLAGS_NONE});

clipboardManagerApp.connect('startup', () => {

function manageCutCopy(clipboard, action, parameters) {
    let content = "";

    if ( == 'doCut') {
        content += 'cut\n';
    } else {
        content += 'copy\n';

    let first = true;
    for (let file of parameters.recursiveUnpack()) {
        if (!first) {
            content += '\n';
        first = false;
        content += file;

    let data = ByteArray.toGBytes(ByteArray.fromString(content));
    let provider = Gdk.ContentProvider.new_for_bytes('x-special/gnome-copied-files', data);
    let result = clipboard.set_content(provider);
    print(`Operacion: ${}; ${provider}; ${clipboard}; resultado: ${result}`);

function read_clipboard(clipboard) {
    let formats = clipboard.get_formats().get_mime_types();
    for (let format of formats) {
        print(`Format: ${format}`);
    print(`Read: ${clipboard}`);
    let content = clipboard.get_content();
    clipboard.read_async(['x-special/gnome-copied-files', 'text/plain', 'text/plain;charset=utf-8'], 0, null, (source, result) => {
        let datos = source.read_finish(result);
        print(`mime type: ${datos[1]}`);
        datos[0].read_bytes_async(100000, 1, null, (source, result) => {
            let content = source.read_bytes_finish(result);
            let ba = ByteArray.toString(ByteArray.fromGBytes(content));
            print(`Data: ${ba}`);

clipboardManagerApp.connect('activate', () => {
    let window = new Gtk.Window();
    let button = new Gtk.Button({label:"push me"});

    clipboard = window.get_clipboard();
    button.connect('clicked', () => {

    let doCopy = new Gio.SimpleAction({
        name: 'doCopy',
        parameter_type: new GLib.VariantType('as')
    let doCut = new Gio.SimpleAction({
        name: 'doCut',
        parameter_type: new GLib.VariantType('as')
    doCopy.connect('activate', (action, parameters) => {
        manageCutCopy(clipboard, action, parameters);
    doCut.connect('activate', (action, parameters) => {
        manageCutCopy(clipboard, action, parameters);
    let actionGroup = new Gio.SimpleActionGroup();
    let connection = Gio.DBus.session;
    let busname = clipboardManagerApp.get_dbus_object_path();

// return value

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