Cannot catch key-press event, even with EventBox

I’m implement a GUI like this:

where I want to let user add image by copy/paste from other program.

I thought that, to do that, I first need to catch the Ctrl+V key press event. The problem is that, even though I add the Gtk.EventBox, set event mask for it and connect “key-press-event” signal, the call function still doesn’t get called when I type.

Here is my source code:

Did you call Gtk.Widget.add_events() with the key mask, e.g.

  event_mask = Gdk.EventMask.KEY_PRESS_MASK |

The key-press-event and key-release-event signals are not emitted unless the event mask includes those values.

I set the mask in Glade, for the EventBox, but the signal is still not emitted:

Even if I add in code, still no signal is emitted

Can you try to set the can-focus property on the event box to True, and then call Gtk.Widget.grab_focus():


def on_mapped(window):

window.connect('mapped', on_mapped)

Key events are delivered only to the widgets that have key focus.

Thank you. It works. But I need to change a bit:

  • Call event_box.grab_focus() at other event (when stack is switched), because if I call at “window mapped”, the app menu is not built (don’t know why, no error message is shown).

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