Cannot build/install rhythmbox Ubuntu 21.04 minimum

I’m following to build and install rhythmbox on a Ubuntu 21.04 minimum installation. This version does not include rhythmbox package. Starting rhythmbox built from source results in a core dumped message:

# Uninstall distro's rhythmbox
sudo apt purge --auto-remove rhythmbox

# Clone Rhythmbox source
git clone

cd rhythmbox

# Setup project build
meson _build \
    -Dprefix=/tmp/rhythmbox \
    -Dfm_radio=enabled \
    -Dplugins_python=enabled \
    -Dlibnotify=enabled \
    -Ddaap=enabled \
    -Dgrilo=enabled \
    -Dgudev=enabled \
    -Dipod=enabled \
    -Dlibsecret=enabled \
    -Dmtp=enabled \
    -Dlirc=enabled \
    -Dsample-plugins=true \
    -Dgtk_doc=true \
    -Dhelp=true \

# Build sources
ninja -C _build

# Install
ninja -C _build install

# Run Rhythmbox executable
_build/shell/rhythmbox &

(rhythmbox:67745): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 21:44:52.186: Settings schema 'org.gnome.rhythmbox' is not installed
Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)

Which package should be installed in order to get these schema’s resolved without installing distro’s rhythmbox package?

The settings schema is provided by the project itself and should become available to you after installing it. Might be needed to either run glib-compile-schemas. Ideally this should be done as part of the build system (since some version of Meson there even is a dedicated method in the GNOME module for exactly this). might be a bit helpful.

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Thanks for your fast reply. I’ll check how to run glib-compile-schemas manually. Yes, I’d like to see this included in the Meson/Ninja build. However, the ticket is already closed, so some manual steps are needed which are not documented in

There’s no package to install: you either need to install Rhythmbox after building it—i.e. run it installed—or you need to call glib-compile-schemas in the build directory and then modify the GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR environment variable to point to where the compile schema file is available.

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A Rhythmbox developer updated the build instructions yesterday which includes the schema usage and is now working and clear:
One gettext packages is still missing when building on a clean Ubuntu 21.04:

sudo apt install gettext

Reported in

Thanks a lot for your help!

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