Can the "Online Accounts" ( Nextcloud Specifically ) Feature Work Through a Proxy With Authentication?

I’m trying to connect my Nextcloud account to my Gnome-based desktop, but I’m behind an HTTP proxy with authentication required and Gnome doesn’t allow me to set the proxy username and password.

The proxy settings are set both in the http_proxy, etc. environment variables in the format http://user:password@ip:port and this works for most commandline programs and such, but the gnome desktop only allows you to set a proxy host and port which it stores in dconf system.proxy.(http|https).(host|port).

In dconf there is system.proxy.http.(use-authentication|authentication-user|authentication-password) but those settings seem universally ignored. If they are not ignored, it may just be that they are not honored for HTTPS connections, which most of the world uses, and there are no corresponding username and password options for HTTPS.

It’s rather strange. Anyway, because of this I cannot connect my Nextcloud account because while it sends the requests through my proxy, it will not send a username and password, thus the proxy server responds with a 407 Proxy Authentication Required.

Is there any other way to set the proxy credentials?


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