Can not create object of Gtk::DrawingArea

Whenever i tries to create an object of Gtk::Drawarea myArea,application is crashing.

In the C library, there’s a GtkDrawingArea, but no GtkDrawarea. Are you just shortening the name? or are you talking about something else? Are the C++ bindings doing weird stuff here?

Gtk::DrawingArea in gtkmm-3.22

I wanted to draw Straight Lines without override class method on_draw().

I want to use my own function to draw instaed of using signal function on_draw().

please help me on this

In the C API, there’s no on_draw() method, just a draw signal that you can connect to whatever method you want (the example in the documentation calls it draw_callback()). And that’s how GtkDrawingArea is designed to be used. So I fail a bit to know what you’re trying to do.

Are you subclassing GtkDrawingArea or not? (both can be done.)

No, I am not using subclassing (inhrited )GtkDrawingArea class.

See the below statement when i compile myprogramm it compiled successfully but whenever i tried to run my app then it crashing on below statement.

Gtk::DrawingArea myArea;

Aren’t you connecting the signals before the GtkDrawingArea is created, or something like that?

No, I am not using such kind of signals.

Please look this document link.

Gtkmm Drawingarea

I think it is not allowing for my own signal handler.

please help me by cross verify this.

I’m not knowledgeable at all in Gtk used from C++, but the example application goes with subclassing. Maybe that’d be easier to go that path here, or maybe it’s the only way to go; what’s your goal on using plain GtkDrawingArea instead of subclassing?

Just to reduce code length

@ebassi do you have any idea on this ?

Saying something “is crashing” without showing your code and a backtrace is not really useful.

You’ll have to debug it yourself, since only you have access to that information.

Follow the examples of the documentation of the C++ bindings, and in case you have questions, ask on the gtkmm mailing list.

Additionally, and just as a matter of etiquette: tagging random people just because they answered one of your questions isn’t exactly polite.