Can I use an external editor to compose formatted emails in Evolution?

I have experimented with using an external editor (LibreOffice writer) to compose email in Evolution. I found good instructions on setting it up here:

Can this be used to create an email that has images in-line with the text, and different fonts, bulleted lists, etc.? If so, what editor works best for this? In what format should the file be saved, so that it transfers into the Evolution composition window?

Evolution 3.36.5-0ubuntu1

formatted messages are HTML messages, thus the external editor should
provide an HTML data, but I see the external editor expects plain text
only (in Evolution 3.46.4), it always converts the provided text into
HTML. Such thing would need changes on the plugin side. Feel free to
file a feature request at

Inline images might be tricky, they should be referenced either as a
local image (file://) or embedded as data:// URI-s, thus the composer
can find them.

I’ve no advice for the editor, I do not use any of it.

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