Can I install Files 42 on Gnome 43 //

Files 43 is too buggy to use.

Just an example, selecting a file, selecting “move to”, typing to search for a folder.

The search returns all kinds of files, when only folders should be returned.

Additionally, only the top two results are selectable, so I can’t select the result that I want.

Works fine in 42.

Before I reinstall Fedora 36, I want to know if it’s possible to use Files 42 in Gnome 43, and how I can do that.

I’ve tried the 44 nightly and the bugs are fixed, but other things now do not work, like thumbnails for PDF.

Will these bugs be fixed in 43, 44 seems much better.

Hello JamesFrederik!

It seems reasonable to me to backport the fixes to 43 as they are bugs. (note: I’m not a GNOME dev)

I think the easiest way is to use nightly for now. For PDF files, you can preview them using the spacebar if it is ok for you.

I tried to build 42 as a flatpak, but I have errors (also, even if it was a success, I will not have the PDF thumbnails). I didn’t try installing the non-flatpak version (I didn’t do that). But if you really want to do that, better to wait for a dev comment to guide you.

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You might better ask this on one of the Fedora support channels. What options you have for this is specific to your distro.

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