Can I disable hover navigation for "Wastebasket" (or "Trash")?

On the left side of Nautilus, there is “Wastebasket”. You can delete files or directories by dragging and dropping them on it. The problem is that, if I hover on the Wastebasket icon a little bit longer by a mistake, Nautilus navigates into Wastebasket. In my opinion, this is totally unnecessary, in the first place, because it is not even possible to drag-and-drop a thing in a specific subdirectory or position inside of the Wastebasket.

Can disable it? Or if not, can I at least prolong the hovering delay until navigation starts? I find unwanted navigation happens too often when I just tried to drag-and-drop things into a directory, anyway.

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Hi. Indeed it makes no sense to have this behavior for Trash. There is no need for an option to disable it for Trash: it should be always disabled.

Can you please file an issue for this? Then let me know the issue number so I can triage it myself.

Thanks. I created an issue: Do not navigate into Wastebasket when the user trying to drag-and-drop files into Wastebaset on the left panel. (#2831) · Issues · GNOME / Files · GitLab

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