Can I copy filtered (visible) rows only?

I am filtering rows in Gnumeric. Now I want to copy the rows that survived the filtering, to paste them elsewhere. However if I copy the filtered range of rows, and paste it elsewhere, the hidden rows are still copied! How can I copy such that only the rows that survived the filtering, are copied? Is there such a thing like “Copy Visible Only”?

IMHO at this moment in time still a shortcoming in gnumeric :frowning:
Be aware, similar applies for ‘delete’.
Think to remember that a workaround was proposed somewhere to use
‘advanced filter’, think to remember works but cumbersome and not ‘dynamic’.
Another ‘poor mans workaround’: gnumeric can write ods format, do the filtering
and paste in LO Calc, be careful, backup your data before and check integrity after
There are ‘wishes’ filed in Issues · GNOME / gnumeric · GitLab,
e.g. # 3 ‘discontinuos selections’, from which very few works, e.g. pulling column width,
and # 25 and # 523 which are more or less exact your question.
Alas the priority is low, and programming manpower limited, my knowledge about internal
representation too. No need to ‘ping’ the wishes, I already did.