BuildStream, gnome-build-meta: unable to run a GTK program within a bst shell

I’m trying again BuildStream to do some of my GNOME development.

Use case: to release a new version of the gspell library, I would like to test it against the “official” and latest stable versions of its dependencies. While still using an LTS version of a Linux distro (openSUSE Leap), because I prefer a stable OS for my other tasks.

So → BuildStream and gnome-build-meta seem a very good choice for me, instead of jhbuild.

Problem: I can’t run a GTK 3 program within the bst shell:

$ bst shell core-deps/gspell.bst
<spell.bst:/buildstream/gnome/core-deps/gspell.bst]$ gtk3-demo
No protocol specified

(gtk3-demo:3): Gtk-WARNING **: 10:45:54.040: cannot open display: :0

I’m using:

The "bst build core-deps/gspell.bst" ran fine.

Is there something obvious that you see to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Works on Wayland, not on X11.

I will report the bug on gnome-build-meta GitLab issues.

(Unfortunately I still need something that works only on X11 for my day-to-day use of my computer, so it’ll be hard for me to use gnome-build-meta as often as I would have liked).

Edit: bug filed.

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