Builder 3.34 Development Planning

With the successful release of 3.32 out the door, it’s time to get started on 3.34. We have about 20 weeks until feature freeze, so we need to get started on planning those features and implementing them. I want to elevate the level of feature planning in Builder into something more rigourous.

On the wiki, you’ll see a series of documents for which I’ve already started sketching out the problems, goals, and implementation details. We definitely could use some additional information added to those which might be a good research project for some of you.

Of particular value, would be finding prior art and linking it onto the planning documents so we can reference them.

The list is currently ambitious, but it represents some of the most pressing needs I see missing from Builder as it stands today. The list could be endless, but what gets implemented is ultimately what people show up to work on.


These features sound exciting. Especially the debugger ones. Double upvote for those!

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