Build gtk app without schema in dev cycle without sudo

I getting error when compile app without sudo ninja -C build install

GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 23:09:19.966: Settings schema 'com.github.liferooter.textpieces' is not installed
fish: './build/src/textpieces' terminated by signal SIGTRAP (Trace or breakpoint trap)

I remember exactly that there was some way to avoid this and to unpack without installing, just adding somewhere in the meson configuration install.

If you want non-root user schema loading to work, here are the steps:

$ install schema to $DIR
$ glib-compile-schemas $DIR

Iā€™m not sure the meson way of doing that.


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You should even be able to

ninja -C build path/to/your/schema/sources/gschemas.compiled
GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR=build/path/to/your/schema/sources ./program
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You can --prefix to something other than /usr/local, even a folder inside your builddir if you want

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