Build GNOME Desktop from sources

Hello. I am using ClearLinux, which some of you may know about, it is a Linux distro from Intel’s team, which is extremely fast on Intel processors. Sadly, I must to build and install GNOME Desktop from sources because they do not distribute it correctly. I would like to achieve this with your help. What is the direction I need to go?

Hi Leinier, I am building gnome desktop for a Slackware distribution known as dropline-gnome. I do not know exactly ClearLinux, although name sound familiar to me. But the first thing would be to make a sort of mapping which packages from and freedesktop you already have on your system. Then probably a look into the gnome buildstream tool could be helpful.
I dont know which package system Clear Linux uses but some kind of build system
would be really useful to you.

Doing it manually is quite some work, but I do it at least once for each release.

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