Breakage under Zoom on Windows (GTK2)

I know that GTK2 development is long over, but in a certain cross-platform usage it’s very convenient for me, and I wouldn’t mind back-porting a fix for the problem I’ll describe, if a fix can be identified.

My application has a number of custom buttons holding an image and no text (arrow buttons for shunting things around beween GtkTreeViews). These work just fine on all platforms except for the case where the app is being run under Zoom on MS Windows. (Zoom on Linux and Mac is not a problem.) On Windows + Zoom clicking these buttons does nothing; it looks as if the “clicked” signal is not being emitted, or is somehow getting hijacked. This looks like a Zoom bug, but I’ve determined that the problem does not occur with GTK3. (The Unison GUI client on Windows, which uses GTK2, displays the same issue.)

Does anyone have any idea of what might be the relevant difference between GTK2 and GTK3?

Hello Allin Cottrell,

I guess I know where the problem lies, see

You can try to backport this patch:, or simply use the DLL from

Thanks, @lb90 ! That’s very helpful.

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