Bluetooth multipoint device changing source although source is silenced


I connected my headset (Jabra Evolve 65) to both my laptop (Fedora 37) and my smartphone (Android device). When I am in a call with the smartphone + headset and receive a system notification on the laptop, the call is put on hold and I hear the system notification. This is kind of desired in this way.

What is undesirable is that when I mute the sound output in Gnome, the behaviour remains the same: So a system notification leads to a change of the Bluetooth device, although there is no sound output. Does anyone have an idea how to describe this problem better and maybe even open a bug (pipewire? bluetoothd? gnome shell?)?


What exactly do you mean by that? Did you disable sounds for notifications from a specific application or did you lower the volume of system sounds? If it is the former and the notification sound is not played by the application itself (it often is, though), then that might be a gnome-shell issue and it should not even attempt to play anything. In the latter case I would rather consider this a pipewire/wireplumber issue, because that’s what’s responsible for switching output devices and corking streams.

So, the problem is obviously that the muted audio stream still causes playback to happen, which in turn resumes the output device. I have had similar issues with the same dual-connect device (including other issues, not sure this dual connect thing is that great …) :-/

I would say, there are two ways of suppressing this:

  1. Avoid playback of system sounds if output is muted. libcanberra could probably do this within GNOME, but it might not catch all cases.
  2. Prevent pipewire from starting output/input devices for muted streams.

So, I would say talking to the pipewire people is the right thing. And then, if 2. doesn’t work out try to do 1. instead.

You are right: I have only reduced the volume to zero. Gnome Shell then shows a small x for the volume.

As suggested by both of you i deactivated the system notification sounds for the most noisy applications. Thats a totally sufficient workaround for me.

Nontheless i will give it a try to get connected to the pipewire people.

To complete this here: I opened a Bugreport for pipewire: Bluetooth multipoint device changing source although source is silenced (#2900) · Issues · PipeWire / pipewire · GitLab

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