Blocking senders of junk email

I’m a new user to Evolution. I’m starting to get the sense that when I select “Mark as Junk” for a message that the sender of that message is not automatically blocked, is this correct? Is there anywhere where I can change a setting so that this does happen? I am used to this from Outlook in the past where it is default

That’s not how junk filtering works in Evolution, nor in most other
Linux MUAs as far as I know. Marking something as junk will train the
junk filter to recognise similar messages in future, but how this works
depends on which junk filter you have installed. Evolution supports
two, i.e. Bogofilter and SpamAssassin. Generally speaking, the former
is preferable for end-users and the latter for servers, but either can
be used. However it’s important to note that neither of these is part
of Evolution itself, so they have to be installed and enabled.

For more details, search for “Junk” in the online Help.

To block a sender, it might be easier to create a specific filter
rather than relying on a junk detector.


thanks this is super helpful. I had no idea of the need to install plugins.
Yeah the filters I’m aware of the possibility, but it takes too much time for each junk message.
I’ll try the 2 addons you mentioned, thanks!

hmmm so it appears Bogofilter was already installed, perhaps that is done by default these days? But I still cannot find a setting somewhere to automatically add the senders of junk email messages to a block list. If anyone knows how to do this, would appreciate to learn about it.

Depends on your OS, what its developers and package maintainers configured. Bogofilter or spamassassin are what Evolution supports for optional spam filtering but they’re not required for Evolution to work.

Initially the spam filter needs to be trained. At some point it will start to filter emails it detects as spam automatically.

If you’re getting unsolicited emails from the same email address all the time, as poc wrote, you can create a filter for that email address (see Using Filters in the help). I don’t think you can combine that with mark as spam.

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