Black text with Adwaita in GTK 3

As a user, rather than a GTK developer, I’m trying to get dialogs and menus for GTK 3 programs on my system (mostly Firefox and Thunderbird, I think) to use black text on a gray background. The idea is similar to Adwaita, but with literally black text (#000000) rather than dark gray. The HighContrast theme provides black text, but it also makes window backgrounds white, so they no longer contrast properly (ah, irony) with white-backgrounded text areas, like the message body of messages in Thunderbird.

I’ve seen various statements on the Intertubes that ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css can customize Adwaita, but when I create such a file and set it to

@define-color theme_fg_color #aaaa00;

@define-color theme_text_color #aaaa00;

I don’t see mustard-colored text anywhere.

Is there a way to get black text and light gray backgrounds short of recompiling GTK? I’ve only used distro-packaged GTKs, and I’m afraid of creating more trouble than I’ll save by going in this direction.

I’m using GTK 3.24.30 on Lubuntu 21.10.

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