Better grouping of panels in Gnome Settings?

Has there been some design discussion on the grouping of the settings panels?

Currently I find it hard to see what groups the various panels together:

Wifi and Bluetooth are together, but Network is in a different section. Sharing also seems to be something that fits together with these panels, maybe a grouping on connectivity would fit better?

from the next group, Region & Language and Universal access seem to not be linked to the other items. Notifications and Search seem like a better fit next to Applications. Default Applications from the Details section could be a better fit as the default sub panel after clicking on the Applications panel.

I don’t understand the thinking behind separating Sound, Power (and network if it remains here) from other devices that are sub panels.

Also “Details > About” seems a very generic name. Would a better name be “System Information”?

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This article provides some background as to why things are grouped as they are:

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