Best practices for app announcements

So now Geary is using discourse instead of the mailing list, I’m wondering what best practices are for app-specific announcements. I can think of two approaches:

  1. Topic per announcement, tagged for the app
  2. One or more “Announcements” topic(s), also tagged for the app - perhaps one for new releases, one for development changes, etc, etc.

The former has an advantage in that you don’t get ridiculously long forum-stype topics, but the latter has the advantages that people can subscribe specifically to announcements for specific apps, and maintainers can post links for the announcement topics on the wiki, in docs, and elsewhere, so that people can easily find them.

The second option isn’t practical at the moment given that posts are auto-closed, however.

Any thoughts?


Also, any chance we can get an email address for posting to the Application category with the tag for a specific app? :slight_smile:

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