Banshee on Ubuntu 20.04 (part 2)

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(By the way, I don’t get why topics are automatically closed after only 14 days of inactivity. It doesn’t seem to facilitate knowledge building).

@Georgescu-Roegen, the working version I have on Ubuntu 20.04 probably comes from the Ubuntu 19.10 official PPA, before it was officially removed from the distribution with 20.04 (if I remember correctly). It is version “2.9.0+really2.6.2-7ubuntu3”. You could get it at I think that I had to find a few missing dependencies on the Web manually, but luckily they were still compatible with Ubuntu 20.04. If you need help finding them, I can help you with that.

Besides, you said that Banshee crashes on opening. I already experienced two situations where that happened. First, when a remote folder is mounted, such as Google Drive (it was okay with Nextcloud). Some times over the years, the SQLite database (banshee.db) got corrupted. Some times, I had to delete smart playlists an playlists until it did not crash, and one time I started over with a fresh database and re-imported everything…

Personally, I moved to the Lollypop music player. I try to find time to re-implement features that I deeply miss from Banshee.

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