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We have videos, pictures, documents etc. But it is high time we add a folder for apps. Yes, we can add it manually, but I think people use a lot of apkand other app files on their PC.

These folders you mentioned are created by xdg-user-dirs by Freedesktop. I don’t think they would add it, but you could reach out for their bug tracker and file such feature request.

Alternatively, you could automatize the apk folder creation somehow, e.g. if more than one user in a computer, set /etc/bash.bashrc to create the folder if it does not exist, like:
[ ! -d ${HOME}/apk ] && mkdir ${HOME}/apk

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They serve for apps to know where to find or save files. For instance, web browsers need to know where to save downloads.

Which apps need to know where the user saves their APK files?

O don’t have this notion. What’s the reason? A backup?

coded by me

For side loading on my TV

For using with Amazon Firestick

Various Android boxes.

This is a somewhat contentious claim. I struggle to think that there are “lots” of people side-loading Android apps from their desktop Linux machines.

The reason why we have user folders, like Music, Pictures, or Videos, is that we want to localise those names, and we need infrastructure to do so. Additionally, those are directories related to user data, not application data. Application data can live under XDG_DATA_HOME or XDG_CONFIG_HOME. Application archives can live wherever you want them to live.

In any case, you’re free to raise this issue on the xdg mailing list, which is where the user directories are defined.

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