Appropricate category and maybe tag for moving ostree-list

Currently ostree-list is hosted at Per the mailing list move initiative I’ve asked the ostree maintainers in a public bug if they’d like to move to Discourse. See for the public bug and the resulting discussion.

Ostree is a bit unlike most existing GNOME mailing lists in that ostree isn’t as “GNOMEy” as most of the other mailing lists. It should be considered more “World” or “related but GNOME”. It wouldn’t be good to give the impression it only works for GNOME, or have a discussion mingled with loads of GNOME specific things (I think).

Could the site maintainers together with ostree figure out a good place? I’ll reference this topic/thread in the ostree bug. Thanks!!

PS: Aside from ostree there’s also NetworkManager and Midnight Commander (user+dev lists) in a similar situation

For ostree specifically, to me it sounds like Platform -> OS -> ostree may work hierarchy-wise (the intermediate OS category does not currently exist).

Categories and sub-categories in Discourse are only used for access control, not for real categorisation outside of a generic “I only care about tags in this category” for filter purposes.

Tags are a flat namespace, so if I’m talking about using libostree in my application, or using it in a library, or using the ostree CLI, I’d use the same ostree tag—and probably different categories.

I think we really have two cases for ostree:

  • ostree for host systems
  • ostree as used in flatpak

probably most of the latter cases could just be tagged flatpak even if they’re more “pure ostree”? Or perhaps we could have two tags, an “ostree core” and “ostree host” but eh.

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