App menu in 5 Inch touchscreen


I want to use Manjaro Gnome on a 5 Inch touchscreen. The OS is very good to use for touchscreens. But there are a few issues with a 5 Inch touchscreen.

The Appicons in the Appoverview are to small and the Appname is not readable

I scaled the text to 1.5. The topbar and a few other buttons are very good clickable. But the dockbar with the favorite Apps is to small.

The overview of the notifications, calendar, weather, etc. Can’t fit in the screen so that some areas are not usable.

The Manjaro Guys told me that this is a Gnome issue.
Are the Appicons configurable or should they be responsive?

What’s the resolution of the screen? Here, you should probably use Phosh and not GNOME, but if the resolution is correct it could work.

The resolution is 800x480.
It’s this screen: 5inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD (H), 800×480, HDMI, Various Systems Support | 5inch HDMI LCD (H)

Is Phosh also Arch based?

@jonasd your favorite kind of bug!

800x480 in landscape mode is definitely not supported by GNOME; even if the app launcher worked, you’d have a lot of problems using applications with that resolution.

Portrait mode might work a bit better.

I tested it in portrait mode.

The workspace overview and the dock with the favorite Apps lookes great in this position.

But the other Apps are to small too.

When I use the global searching the App and other results are on a very nice size. I wonder why the Appicons are so small in the App overview.

You are right the most Apps are overlap the screen. But A few of gnome Apps like Weather, Contacts are looking very good on every position on this screen.

Its ok for me when not all Apps are working. But it would be cool when the standard functionality works.

The lowest supported resolution in GNOME is 1024×600px. Here you should definetely use Phosh.

Can I install it with this Manjaro Version on the releases below?

Or do you know if it is working on the Radxa Zero?

I saw that Phosh is a desktop shell. That means I can switch from normal gnome desktop to Phosh. Is this right?

Yes, Phosh is designed for smaller screens like yours. It was originally for Purism phones, but is now used in a variety of cases. I haven’t installed it, but it should be easy.

Thanks. I installed Phosh directly from the command line.

I test it and show if it works for me. But it looks very good in the first usage.

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