Any news from Michael Gratton?

Geary development is stalled since months and I’m unable to contact Michael Gratton.

Is there someone else maintaining Geary ?


AFAIK, Micheal had to step back from active maintenance of Geary, and nobody has picked up the project.

I sent him a mail a few months ago to ask if he’s okay, but I haven’t heard anything from him back unfortunately :pensive:

I think at this point it’s safe to assume he won’t be back soon and that Geary is currently unmaintained. I’ve thought about trying to give it some love and maintaining it since it holds a special place for me personally (being the project that got me into GNOME so many years ago), but I really can’t find the time to do so for the moment.

If anybody wants to step up as maintainer but nervous about experience, we will find a mentor. Geary has so much potential!

With a mentor, I would be happy to take this task. I already have too small merge requests pending since months.

I also think Geary should replace it internal mail backend with libcamel. Current engine is buggy and this will help a lot maintenance. Elementary Mail (Geary fork) did this years ago with success.


This is interesting.
I’d like to test Elementary Mail on Fedora. I see that I can simply add Elementary flatpak remote:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists --system appcenter

The app is avaible as a Fedora package:
dnf install elementary-mail

Doh! Thanks (btw, the flatpak app does not launch, error while loading shared libraries…).

First impressions:

  • The filter icon to hide read and/or unstarred conversations is a nice idea.
  • Mail is showing my Gmail account emails despite the fact I’ve disabled Email in GNOME Online Account Settings. I guess the answer is in the next link: Mail pulls the account from the same backend used by Evolution.
  • Clicking on Account settings does not open any window. It seems to be a GNOME Control Center missing feature. In a comment of 4 years ago it’s said that GNOME Control Center does not support settings:// URLs.

Who do I need to contact for ask for access? How to find a mentor ?

Already started working on fixing issues:

I’ve contacted Is that your current Matrix address?

Geary is in the GNOME group, which means only people with a GNOME LDAP account can have commit access to the repository.

If you have a GNOME LDAP account, you can simply modify the geary.doap file in the repository and add yourself.

If you don’t have a GNOME LDAP account, you’ll have to ask for one.

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