Announcement: Pomelo, a text to 3D mesh generator

I’d like to announce a small GPL licensed project that I have been working on, Pomelo, that allows inputting a text string, a font, and Pomelo will build a 3D mesh, and show it in a GtkGLArea widget.

There are to target audiences for this application. The output may be used for 3D printers or for 3D art.

I’d be happy to get input as well as code contributions.

The home page is at: GitHub - dov/pomelo: An interactive application for creating 3D meshes of text


Nice. I saw it already some weeks ago, I think you mentioned it in one of your questions, maybe in the cairo mailing list.

Indeed I could use such a tool for generation a cover title for my two books, and

Can we export the graphics as PNG or a similar format, or have we to do a screenshot? And generally, for such projects it is a good idea to add a list of similar projects and tools. I assume you have done a research for prior art before starting coding.

Thanks. There is currently no save to png functionality. It should be easy to add (once I figure out how to extract a bitmap from the OpenGLBuffer). But my intention wasn’t really that you will do the final graphics in Pomelo, but that you will generate the 3D geometry, and then load it into e.g. Blender and render the graphics from there. That said, I’d like to use Pomelo to practice my shader writing skills :slight_smile: , so eventually there will be more graphics related settigs.

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