AMDGPU reset support in GNOME/Wayland?

Whenever an application (eg. Unity Engine’s OpenCL lightmapper) crashes AMDGPU which then has to reset itself, all graphical sessions become unusable (input/audio/etc. work fine but video output is essentially dead due to the VRAM clear operation dmesg then informs of).

The “solution” for now is to restart GDM, though it invalidates the session and forces the user to start over again.

(Text terminal sessions get restored properly; all text remains untouched and the sessions are usable.)

Is there a way to implement support for GPU resets so that the above-mentioned GDM restart isn’t required (all graphics memory handles are properly recreated)? Or is it purely Wayland-related, and nothing GNOME can do about?

GPUs I’ve tested:

  • my Vega 8 (integrated GPU) laptop does sometimes recover the shell properly after a reset but it’s not consistent (maybe due to the lack of dedicated VRAM?),
  • my 6600XT has never been able to recover.

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