Alt+tab band without contrast. How to adjust contrast / brightness to alt+tab band

alt+tab band without contrast. I can not see which app is selected with the alt+tab keys.
How to adjust contrast / brightness to alt+tab band.
The band with icons that appears when alt+tab is pressed is all black with the icons. The selected Icon is not Greyed.
Gnome 40 on Fedora 34

That sounds like a bug. One that I can’t reproduce with GNOME 40 on Fedora 34. First suspect would be any extension that you might have enabled. Have you tried disabling those?

Thanks, You are very right.
Disable the Just Perfection extension and the alt+tab band is repaired.
Will tell the extension owner, if I can find. Is not in bug tracker?
Thanks again.

I don’t know if Just Perfection is around but here’s his extension’s repo:

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