All icons are symbolic after updating GTK3

I’m not really a Windows user, it’s a virtual machine with Windows 10 and MSYS just to build a GTK application. I recently upgraded the MSYS packages and all icons in the application are now of the symbolic variant.

The previous versions:
GTK: 3.24.13
PyGObject: 3.34.0

The updated versions:
GTK: 3.24.34
PyGObject: 3.42.1

Did something change in between? And if so, can I force back the coloured icons?

Hi @RandomUser! Do you get the same results with latest GTK3 on Linux?

That’s a good question. I’m running the slightly older Ubuntu 20.04 with GTK 3.24.20. I’d have to check how and how easy it is to run an updated GTK version.

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