Adding a panel in clutter to mutter

Hello, I’m working on my own DE based on Mutter. I’ve noticed that GNOME Shell and forks of it use JS to do the UI so I though to do this purely in native code. Right now, I am stuck on trying to get a panel to show up. I have a class called “ExpidusShellPanel” (github .com /ExpidusOS/shell/blob/redesign/src/shell/panel.c) and it extends “ClutterCanvas”. On this part of the shell code, I add the panel to the stage to render it (github .com /ExpidusOS/shell/blob/redesign/src/shell/shell.c#L81). However, I noticed that the log does not output the panel size like how I have coded it here (github .com /ExpidusOS/shell/blob/redesign/src/shell/panel.c#L31). I’m currently stuck and there doesn’t seem to be much for documentation.

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