Add window menus to gnome panel

I have a litte question. I want to have my windows menus like File, Edit, etc. in the gnome panel. How can I do that?

If you’re referring to the “global menu” in the style of macOS, then the answer is: you can’t. Applications on Linux are not designed for this, and the Shell does not have any way to display the application menu.

And how do it distro like garuda make?

Have you looked at how they do it? I have no idea what Garuda does, so I can’t really answer that question for you.

I can only tell you that GTK does not expose its menus in a way that can be consumed by something else out of process, like GNOME Shell. Additionally, no other toolkit does it on Linux.


Well, I’m not sure if the linux version of GTK can do this on linux but, it does it on mac. Are you the application developer? If yes I think you can do this using an extension who implements a d-bus service to receive the menu model and build it on panel.

I did some similar but it build a simple icon and a dropdown menu who activate application actions using d-bus methods.

Hi again,

Take a look at this, discontinued, extension:

There’s a new version on

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