Activities Overview Missing After Update?

Hello all.

So, after a recent night of updates (900+, if I remember correctly), it appears that the Activities tab is no longer present, and the hot corner no longer works? The only default tabs in the bar up-top are Applications and Places, and dragging my mouse to the top left corner results in no action. Oddly enough, the super button (Windows button) still works. It pulls up the Overview, and show all of the open windows, but the dock/dash and search bar are not present, just the open windows.

CentOS 7.8.2003
GNOME 3.28.3

If anyone has any insight into what may be going on, it’d be greatly appreciated.


GNOME Classic was made more classic in 3.34 (horizontal workspace layout, workspace previews in window list, no overview), and those changes were backported to RHEL 7.8.

3.34 would be a later update than 3.28, no?

That is where the bit about backport comes in.

Oh, okay. Overview and the like was discarded in GNOME 3.34, and those changes were backported to RHEL 7.8, which in turn was also backported to CentOS 7.8. Am I getting that right?

That is correct, yes.

You can use the “normal” GNOME session to get the overview back. If you want something more classic (but not full classic), you can enable indivudual extensions like apps-menu, places-menu and window-list.

Gotcha. If I may ask, what is the “normal” GNOME session?

The one that’s called “GNOME” and not “GNOME Classic”.

Ah, I see. Alright, this has been helpful. I appreciate the assistance.

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