Account Offline message and Quote Level

Hello… I have three email accounts set up on Geary, one at one server and two at another. If one of those servers is offline Geary puts a big blue banner that says account offline with buttons to RETRY or get MORE INFO. That’s all fine, but it makes Geary unusable for the email server that is not offline. The upper control bar is covered by the offline banner so one cannot click to create a new message or send the message, etc.

Maybe there should be a button to dismiss the banner even though the account is offline.

I recently updated to a version of Geary with the bottom right button to choose Rich text or Plain text. I like plain text, but in that mode there is no way to control the quote level.

So I have to switch to rich text mode, then use the button to change quote level as desired, then I put it back in plain text mode. Since quote level does not depend on rich text mode the increase/decrease quote level buttons should always be visible in the bottom bar.

Finally, I had previously written about some crashes and Geary not quitting completely… I think some OS (gnome?) update fixed that, has been working fine lately on Fedora 32.

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Yes, the quote toolbar disappeared recently, but you can still use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+] to quote and Ctrl+[ to unquote, see issue 806.

I think that what is online or offline is your computer and not the mail servers, so the distinction you’re making doesn’t make sense to me. Offline infobar should vanish as soon as the connection is working again, but two months ago someone reported that it’s a rare occurrence.

No, it’s not my computer that is offline. Geary must be probing the email server and noticing that it is offline. When one server (account) is offline you cannot use the other one that is working due to the OFFLINE bar across the top of the screen.

Thank you for reminding me I can use the quote level key commands.