Access VM from Flatpak-Gnome Boxes with virt-manager


I can open the VMs created by Gnome Boxes with virt-manager or virt-viewer, when I use “qemu:///session”. But how I connect to the VMs or libvirt-instance, created by a flatpak Gnome Boxes?


The Boxes Flatpak bundles the whole virt stack in its flatpak container, therefore if you run flatpak --command=bash run org.gnome.Boxes you get a shell inside the flatpak container.

This way you can use virsh, qemu-img, etc… virt-manager itself is not included, of course.

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Thanks. So it’s not possible to access the socket from outside the flatpak container?

Not directly, I guess you could workaround the sandboxing with socketpairs, or something, but I haven’t really tried. Since Boxes targets end-users we really treat it as a self-contained app, whereas we don’t expect users to be tweaking it under the hood.

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