Abandoned Gnome repos


It looks like the https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/read-it-later/ repo is abandoned. There are a few MRs open that have no comments and there hasn’t been a non translation related commit in 11 months.

Is there a standard process on what to do here? There is interest in this project (there have been a few MRs opened in the last month). Is it possible for someone to take over maintainer? Is there a process to apply to become a maintainer?

Generally, they can be archived if nobody wants to take them up.

If your GitLab account is already part of the GNOME group, then you can take over unmaintained projects as soon as you want: just edit the DOAP file.

If you’re not part of the GNOME group, then you’ll have to contribute to GNOME for a while and get somebody to endorse you. This is needed because people in the GNOME group have access to every repository.

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Sorry for taking too long to not check out read-it-later. I have been busy with something else but that doesn’t mean it’s abandoned. It takes time to review/merge stuff.

Feel free to reach out to me using Matrix/email if you want to help co-maintaining it.



No worries! Sorry for thinking that it was abandoned. Thanks for the review comments

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